About me

Odyssa is a content writer, remote worker, and yoga student. 

Writing started as a hobby. As a young girl, she kept a journal about her crushes, friends and teachers. She discovered reading fiction and non-fiction when she was 11 and her love for writing grew even more. 

In 2019, she discovered Medium and posted articles about relationships, books, yoga and tips on living simply. Her articles have been read over 40,000 times since then. 

You can read more about her work here

Her dream is to cross over into writing full-time, publish books, live in a house with a garden, have her own yoga practice space (an entire room of emptiness!), grow her own food, and rescue animals. She enjoys going on nature dates to treat herself. 

She is a student of Ashtanga Yoga and has been practicing in this tradition since January 2019. 

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