October 24

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Poetry: Breakfast

Por Odyssa

October 24, 2022

6 in the morning, 21 degrees 

another morning in Hanoi puts me at ease.

Scrambled eggs, fried rice, 

20-minute yoga I roll the dice

Back to sleep? Back to bed? 

Back to dreaming? I get up instead

On my motorbike - alleys and markets pass

Heart flutters with sights but I need to get to class!

Coffee Shop in Hanoi

Pho Nui Cafe, Cau Giay, Hanoi.

Time goes by

without my permission

I just got older by a day

Truth needs no admission

The day has began

I catch it without fear

One blink and it’s over

Today is now and here.

More of my poems here.


Sobre el autor

Odyssa es una escritora filipina. Es autora de Like A New Sun Rising: A Collection of Poems on Love. Cuando no trabaja o escribe en casa, sale a pasear a sus perros. Le gusta viajar, practica yoga, se pierde en los libros y en el drama coreano. Para ella, dedicar tiempo a una práctica o ritual diario es el mejor regalo para uno mismo.

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6 in the morning, 21 degrees another morning in