October 14


How I Got Into The Good Men Project

By Odyssa

October 14, 2021

Two of my articles now appear on this website called The Good Men Project, and I recently saw that I now have an author page.

Author page in The Good Men Project

I read about TGMP on Facebook years ago, and I know they featured articles I was interested in reading. But I never applied to be a writer for them. Nor did I submit any of these articles to be part of their website. Here's how it happened. 

Most of you know I recently went back to writing actively on Medium. I found out about this publication called Hello, Love. I submitted two articles to this pub (they got accepted), then found out later that this is a publication owned by TGMP. I gave them permission to publish my stories on their website, not expecting they'll get picked up. 

These are the two articles I'm talking about:

5 Harmful Habits That Can Break a Long-Distance Relationship

A Stranger’s Gift: Stories of Friendship From Unexpected Places

The first article could just be one of my favorite pieces so far, in terms of style. 

Today's encouraging message: Keep publishing your work. You never know who's reading and taking notes. 

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About the author

Odyssa is a content writer from Manila, Philippines. When not at home, she's out walking their dogs, biking, or picking colorful fruits and vegetables at the market. She loves getting lost in books and K-drama. To her, making time for a daily practice or ritual is the best gift to oneself.

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Two of my articles now appear at this

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