March 14

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Life and Writing Update for March 2023

Bởi Odyssa

March 14, 2023

Book launch

Save the date! On March 18, Saturday, I'll be doing a book launch / interview with Cindy Wong, founder of 8Letters Books to officially launch "From Where I Stand". I will post more about this in my Instagram and Facebook author page

Featured in GirlTellMe and The Fairy Tale Magazine

Never Date A Writer is a featured article in GirlTellMe. If you are craving for something cringe-y, read this letter I wrote in 2020 when I was madly in love while I was in a long-distance relationship. Ohh my.

The March issue of The Fairy Tale Magazine is out. Order a digital copy of the magazine here

The Fairy Tale Magazine March 2023 Issue

My books are now available in the Philippines 

I first wrote about 8Letters Books back in January. Finally, all those exchanged messages has brought about something fruitful. Last week, they released a list of new titles and my books are part of the list. 

If you are in the Philippines, get copies of my books here.

New titles at 8Letters bookshop


I went to see my friends in Bangkok and thought about the loveliness of old friendships. Been spending most of my Saturdays with new friends who bring a lot of laughter and food into my otherwise dull days. 

I've been more consistent and carefree with my writing, taking note that 1) all of my writing IS public and that 2) those who read my posts have more important things to think about so I should just keep writing.

Thanks for reading! See you in my next post!

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Odyssa là một nhà văn đến từ Philippines. Cô là tác giả của Like A New Sun Rising: A Collection of Poems on Love. Khi không làm việc hoặc viết lách ở nhà, cô ấy ra ngoài dắt chó đi dạo. Cô thích đi du lịch, tập yoga, lạc vào sách vở và phim truyền hình Hàn Quốc. Đối với cô ấy, dành thời gian cho một thực hành hoặc nghi lễ hàng ngày là món quà tốt nhất cho bản thân.

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March 29, 2023

I waited for my students to submit all

March 20, 2023

It's been three years since the first lockdown

March 14, 2023

Book launch Save the date! On March 18,