September 9


Yoga And Pregnancy

By Odyssa

September 9, 2021

I never wished to be a mom. Too big a responsibility and too long a commitment. I can commit to my husband, but to raise a child is a different story. 

The Conscious Parent is a brilliant book that presents real case studies (the author is a therapist) of non-conventional ways to parent a child. 

It blew my mind. It also tells me how I really, really need to think about entering motherhood.

Nevertheless, I bought books about yoga and pregnancy. 😀 I'm curious to see what goes on in pre-natal, non-Ashtanga yoga classes. 

I'm curious to see how my body can benefit from these poses if I get pregnant one day. 

The 3 books I got are:

Pregnancy Health Yoga

Yoga For Pregnancy

Step-By-Step Yoga For Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.  

I haven't gone through all of them, so I won't recommend them. 😀  

At 35, I'm still and will always be a happy dog parent. Here's Jackie and Peanut on a morning stroll. Photo by the author.

I wonder how many pregnant women out there feel confident, motivated, and/or strong enough to get up and practice Ashtanga. If you want to know more about the Ashtanga Yoga method, I wrote about it here.

I also found these two blog posts about practicing Ashtanga while pregnant: 

Pregnant Women Can And Do Practice Ashtanga 

Practicing While Pregnant

I know a few people who stopped practicing while pregnant, and some who skipped the 1st trimester and went back on the 2nd trimester.

I guess it really depends on how your body feels during this period. We're all different and we can't dictate how one should handle her pregnancy. 

Books and blogs will never be the best teacher for pregnancy and motherhood. But I guess it's a good start.

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About the author

Odyssa writes, practices Ashtanga Yoga and works remotely. She enjoys walking their dogs Peanut and Jackie, biking, and picking colorful fruits and vegetables at the market. She loves reading non-fiction, watching K-Drama, and thinks that making time for daily practice or ritual is the best gift to oneself.

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