Falling in love fills your heart with joy, but if that love ends, you’re left to make sense of your emotions and chart a fresh path.

Like A New Sun Rising: A Collection of Poems on Love invites you to explore the intense emotions that come with loss. What’s on the other side is a personal transformation that will lead you down a brighter path filled with more love than you can imagine and a strength you might not have known you had.

Praise for "Like A New Sun Rising"

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An excellent writer and poet! Displays such a sense of imagery and how words work together, and your self-reflection is, well, poetic! Your poems were all very touching and moving. Most of the poems were soft and sensual in a gentle, wanting-to-embrace-life feel. 

R.W. Harrison // author of Onyx Trilogy, US

This book made me teary eyed. Such beautiful writing!

Kach Howe // Travel writer, Co-founder of Two Monkeys Travel, world citizen

Love it! Very inspring and full of passion. I highly recommend this book to anyone who experienced heartbreak and getting back on their toes. Truly inspiring with heartfelt emotions. 

Shiela // Reader from Canada

Magical book! Wonderful poems that everyone can empathize with who has loved before. I'm already waiting for the next book. 

Anna // Reader from Germany 

I totally resonate with what you wrote about your period of travel and how it helped you find yourself. My favorite poems are Back to the Start, Future, and Painter. 

Abraham // Artist

This book brings back the feels of young but true love. 

This book is a gem - the poems are so powerful that they are able to bring out so many emotions as you are reading them and even afterwards. Whether you are young, old, new to love or seasoned, this book will stir up feelings that will remind you of how it is to truly love, be broken, and become whole again. The words used are raw, honest, and sincere and can only come from someone who's speaking from the heart. 

Ellen // Physician, mother of two, Philippines

Easy reading poetry yet it gives you the complexities of reliving your heartaches and moving ons in every rhyme. I love that the book gave me a chance to remember and feel what it's like to be so carefree at love once more. Can't wait for the next book!

Dinah // mother of two, Philippines



Quiet country roads. Breathtaking mountaintop views. Ocean waves hitting the shores. Warm sunsets.

Making memories while traveling far or close to home is a gift you must not waste. If you’re a travel aficionado who, like so many others, have been wanting to travel to new and interesting places, visit old friends and loved ones, this poetry collection is the perfect companion to help you reminisce about the many adventures you had.

From Where I Stand: A Collection of Poems on Travel will let you experience the magic of seeing the world and having the time of your life once again.

Editorial review for "From Where I Stand"

Solid poet! The overall collection was so encouraging. It felt one long song about travel, love and gratitude...I still can't stop thinking about Tiny Bed. Your poetry is so modern.

 Vanessa Dremè // poetry editor, author of Hiraeth, US

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Whether you are most comfortable writing using pen and paper, a typewriter, or seeing your work take shape on a screen, you have probably been confronted by either yourself or the nasty voices in your head telling you to stop. It happens to all of us.

The Writer's Dilemma is a short book I wrote for those who write and create art for work, as a hobby, a vocation, or simply to record special moments of life.

Editorial review for "The Writer's Dilemma"

Obsessed with the contents of your book right from the first page. I think this is going to be very useful for your readers, and thought-provoking for editors like me! I love your tone of voice. So conversational, so smooth. Excellent work here.
Your writing is also very clean from a technical standpoint. A pleasure to edit.

Clara Abigail // non-fiction editor, Canada