About me

Hello! I'm Odyssa, a writer from Manila, Philippines. I'm the author of Like A New Sun Rising: A Collection of Poems on Love and From Where I Stand: A Collection of Poems on Travel.

I write poetry and personal essays. 

Writing started as a hobby when I was a child. I discovered reading fiction and non-fiction when I was 11 years old and my love for writing grew even more. In 2019, I discovered Medium and wrote articles about relationships, books, yoga and living simply. My posts have been read over 50,000 times since then. 

I also publish some of my articles in NewsBreak

Aside from Medium and Newsbreak, you can read my published work in Amendo and The Good Men Project. I've written content for DoYou Yoga and the now-defunct online magazine What's Up BGC. Here are some articles I've written:

How I Learned to Love My Parents Better After Moving Back Home

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A Stranger’s Gift: Stories of Friendship From Unexpected Places

5 Harmful Habits That Can Break a Long-Distance Relationship

When Love Comes A Little Too Early

You may contact me here.