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This funny universe keeps bringing me back to writing. In most of my jobs, I always had a task that involves writing - whether they are recruitment forms, event invitations or website content. For one year, I was writing and delivering speeches almost every week as a Toastmasters club member and officer. What started as a hobby turned into a side hustle that I truly enjoy doing! It is what I do every day. 

In 2017, I started creating content for our small family business called Dandy's Place on Facebook and Instagram.

I've written feature articles for WhatsUPBGC (the website no longer exists),, and ProMovers. I have reviewed children's books entitled Dreams Of Faraway Places and Pumpkin. I have also designed digital images for a retail company called JJB Branded Collections

In 2019, I found Medium. My articles have been read over 40,000x since then. I have articles in Medium's top publications like PS I Love You, The Ascent, Live Your Life On Purpose, and Publishous

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