September 6

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Writing Updates For September

Por Odyssa

September 6, 2021

I did a thorough writing inventory. 

I wanted to find out where I was in my writing and come up with a plan to move things forward.  

Medium paved the way for everything I'm doing related to writing. I was publishing articles consistently since the end of 2019, with a few pauses here and there, until I had to take a real break

After reviewing accounts and trackers, these are what I came up with. 

1. Prioritize writing on Medium. 

I published a new story yesterday: 7 Lessons I Learned After Practicing Yoga For 3 Years.

On my Medium page, there are about 15 articles sitting in my draft folder, 1 for resubmission and 2 that are ready for submission to a publication. 

The last article I published was at the start of the year - that's a long time ago. However, in the last 30 days, I got 2000+ views. 

Can't say this enough. Medium is a wonderful platform for newbie writers. What else lets you publish in the same space as Barack Obama

You can join Medium through me! Just click this

2. Post more 'thinking posts' like this here on my website.

More than a storage of informative articles written for a general audience, I'd like this website to be a record of how I'm growing as a writer. 

I did a bit of reformatting but there are no major changes. Still happy with how the website looks like!

3. Explore Ko-fi.

What's Ko-Fi? It works a lot like Patreon where a supporter or follower can directly support a creator through the 'Buy Me Coffee' button. 

A creator can use tiers for his or her supporters and give them perks depending on the membership tier they choose. For example, if you decide to support a podcaster monthly for $5, you get access to direct messaging and shout-outs. 

Ko-Fi is much easier to manage and use for creators and supporters. A creator can create a page for free, and a supporter can buy coffee for the creator with no charge. 

I created a Ko-Fi page! Still planning how I want to use this in the long-term. If you'd like to support my writing work, buy me a coffee here


As with any new beginning, it's scary to delve into the unknown. What if this fails? Moving a long-term project forward can also be a drag. Do I still want to do this? Should I try something else? 

This time around, I'd like to stick to the things I've already started and improve. 

I want to look at this from this perspective: I've been granted a second life, and I got nothing to lose. 


Sobre el autor

Odyssa es una escritora filipina. Es autora de Like A New Sun Rising: A Collection of Poems on Love. Cuando no trabaja o escribe en casa, sale a pasear a sus perros. Le gusta viajar, practica yoga, se pierde en los libros y en el drama coreano. Para ella, dedicar tiempo a una práctica o ritual diario es el mejor regalo para uno mismo.

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