February 11


Never Date A Writer


February 11, 2023

When she writes, she cuts herself off from the world and others. She steps into the dark to find the light, transforms it into a thing of beauty. Maybe, if the world is lucky, she will share a manifestation of that light to the world. 

She is fluent, attentive, and thoughtful. Despite the complications of life, she is able to purify and turn them into simple stories that you and I can understand. 

It sounds utterly romantic but in truth, writers are known to have checkered romantic pasts. Krista Tipett, Elizabeth Gilbert, Rachel Cusk, Nicholas Sparks are just a few of the acclaimed writers whose year-long relationships ended. 

On paper, writers appear to be whole, empathetic, funny, highly intelligent beings. This is partly right. Writers are empathetic. They can be funny.

But they are not everything. 







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