December 18


Meet Our Dogs: Peanut and Jackie

By Odyssa

December 18, 2020

Peanut is 11 years old and Jackie is 11 months old! Both were given to us and we consider ourselves lucky to have the opportunity to care for and have them at home. 

We love going for walks in the morning, between 7-8:30 when it's not yet too warm. Sometimes, they sit at the park to rest and watch people and cars go by.  They also like staring at cats. I'm not sure if they want to play or chase them. 

They get so excited (as you can see in the video) when I reach for their leash. They start running around and barking. 

I recently took some videos of one of our walks inside our neighborhood. I love watching this video of them again and again. 

Walking our dogs is great exercise and it makes them super happy!! 

Do you have a dog or dogs at home? How often do you take them out for a walk? 


About the author

Odyssa writes, practices Ashtanga Yoga and works remotely. She enjoys walking their dogs Peanut and Jackie, biking, and picking colorful fruits and vegetables at the market. She loves reading non-fiction, watching K-Drama, and thinks that making time for daily practice or ritual is the best gift to oneself.

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